FAQs Related to Our GST Software

“YES”, If you have configured your gmail account as prescribed, you can send a mail of invoice to the Buyer or you can export your Invoice for sharing offline.

"Yes", an User can update Invoice later on , GSTbillings application provide this facility for the users.
Note: Invoices Cannot be updated , if uploaded to government website.

Specific user have specific requirements, So if user wants hard copy of the Invoice they can print the invoice by going to print option on the invoice page if printer is connected. Otherwise can download invoice to print it outside.

Invoices and Bills are the vital records of a business transaction. After the inclusion of GST bill, every person who is creating an invoice must include HSN Code, GST rates etc. as it will be finally uploaded on Govt portal GSTN in proper format. GSTbillings Application helps a business owner to generate automated GST bill in exact format prescribed by govt portal.

Yes, multiple companies can be maintained through single sign up window, there is no need to Sign up again and again for each company. But this feature is not available in online basic plan.

Operating single company in basic plan will cost as per rate mentioned in pricing table, adding multiple companies would be an exact multiple of that. Premium Application will have different pricing, which would be shared soon. Charges are inclusive of Web-Application Charges, Web Hosting, Support System and Technical updation needed if any.

Yes, in our premium application user can work simultaneously or opt any of Online or Offline billing system, however offline app will be available only in upcoming premium application. For availing offline invoice facility follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download Aavishi GSTBilling Software.
  • Click on Install
  • Enter API
  • Enter Company Detail
As and when system running Avishi GSTBilling get’s internet access data will be automatically synchronised to online web application and you will be able to access data anywhere in the country. Online and offline invoices will have different serial numbers. Invoices generated through desktop application will have default zero prefix in each invoice number.

You will be able to run Avishi’s GST billing desktop application on any window computer.
If you wish to generate billing through Tablet or Mobile phone then you need to use our online web application. This feature is not available in online basic plan.

Free File Sharing Drive is available for those users who are using Aavishi’s online invoicing application:

CA Folder: CAs constitute the first layer of vigil mechanism for the audits of the corporates. There are many key roles like: Finance and Bookkeeping, Analysis and Advice, Accounting & Auditing, Taxation, Expert Advice, Management Accountant etc. which are undertaken by him. Aavishi Drive help users to harness efficiency of his operation by continuously remaining updated through useful communication in the form of file sharing.
CA as well as User can upload files into this folder. Those files can be viewed and downloaded by the user, however the user will not have permission to delete any content, whereas CA can.

B) Accountant Folder: An accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company's financial operations. He is pillar upon which edifice of whole accounting system stands. Good communication between user & his accountant is a subtle force that will open doors professionally.
Here both User as well as Accountant can upload, share or update the content of the folder.

C) Notification Folder: Here CA can notify new policies which will be visible to all, however only CA will be able to delete content of this.
Note: Aavishi Drive will not be available in basic plan.

Mails sent from unregistered mail ID are not listed properly in our database and therefore may miss the priority & attention, therefore for any technical support users are advised to send mail from their registered E-Mail ID only.

GST-Billings is smart software that provides you with a free version with almost all features and with very few restrictions. When people stuck in understanding the evolution of GST in India, this software helps them with clarity of structure with an awesome billing experience for its users. One can opt to purchase our PREMIUM version licenses. If not possible to purchase and keeping in mind about our users, we also provide free licenses with restricted features –this does not include export feature.

Once you sign-up and complete payment formalities, you can start online billing. To run offline software you need an API which you will get online. Each company has its instinct license. No, two companies may use the same license in execution. The second license can be activated in the same software and there is no need to sign up each time for each company.
This not only provides an easy environment but saves your time. Question arises: how? Once installed the software need not be reinstalled no matter what the number of licenses. With 'N’ number of licenses too one shall get the accessibility to the best billing solution exercising with the market and the business demands. For others when it becomes hard to compile the bills it becomes one touch go for you.
Note:Offline Software is not available in basic plan.

Even if you handle ‘N ‘number of companies the software provides you with a solution to issue Invoices. For each company there shall be single software installed and for the ‘n’ number of companies ‘N’ number of profiles shall be created. Thus, your space is saved along with time. One can easily switch between profiles of two companies and issue document without exiting by using the API (unique Access Key) which is awarded to each premium user. This becomes a key feature for all the users for multiple sharing of files . The software thus supports multiple startups and better working with cooperation.
Note: This feature is not available in basic plan.

The answer is a yes, all updates that are notified has to be installed. With the improvement and increment scaling of the GST billings for India the software is providing you with more efficient features. Allowing multiple functionalities that help you becoming billings easier. Thus it becomes a necessity to install the updates for a better experience.

The software is well thought-off & designed to make it easy going for you. One can easily do that. All you need to do is to upload the logo of your company in the Company details window. And this is not much, one can add up the extra text in the additional details, which will be highlighted to the documents printed.

The logo can be easily changed in the documents . All you need to do is,Simply navigate to Company details screen and delete the former logo and substitute it with your own . The second way round is, to edit the logo in preview screen and save the document latter. The changes so done will refer in real time documents already issued shall contain the old logo only.

GST-Billings application can accept .jpg, .bmp, .gif, and .png formats with a maximum of 2000*2000 pixels. The image so inserted should correctly match the above specifications.

User can add a product by accessing the Add New Item. Insert a name, quantity, unit price and tax and add it just by clicking on the Add button. Now new products/services will be saved and made available in the products/services name list. Time saving is one of the main features that make GSTBillings the best billing software available in India.

Once you complete the sign up formalities for premium features and do online payment, the license key can be ordered by going through the Register Button available in the main menu at application’s Home Screen.

Our main aim is to achieve user satisfaction. With the increasing complication in billing under GST, it has become difficult for the business holders to understand the concept. Thus , this software provides you with the best of billing instances and gives an easy working environment.
This not only provides with the billing application but the customization settings used so far are also privileged. The security point concerned so far towards the documents provides you the faith towards the software.

As depicted in the question no 11 , an user is free to use all features like exporting of bills, invoices etc. User can also use offline software. Both online as well as offline applications will be synchronised automatically as and when internet is available. It means that even if you are working on offline software you can access all previous record online, that too anywhere and on any device.

If you ever wish to uninstall the software in any of the windows operating system , here is the categorized information about each

Windows 8
  • Click on Start Menu from your desktop.
  • Search and Click control panel
  • From control panel , select “uninstall a program”
  • Right-click or double on the program and select Uninstall/change
  • Follow onscreen instruction to uninstall.
Windows 7
  • Click on Start Menu from your desktop.
  • Click control panel .
  • Right-click or double on the program and select Uninstall/change
  • Follow instructions, prompted on screen to uninstall.
Windows XP/Vista
  • Click on Start Menu from your desktop.
  • Click control panel .
  • Click change/remove
  • Follow instructions, prompted on screen to uninstall.