Terms & Conditions for Reseller

By accepting Reseller’s Terms & Conditions you express your unconditional readiness, willingness & commitment for becoming our Reseller/Dealer for selling Online/Offline GST Billing Application.

This page with the documents referred to on it is the License Agreement between you or the entity that you represent and the “Aavishi” an organisation that controls the use & sell of GST Billing online/offline software, this software is accessible through website www.gstbillings.com and this can be named as “Product”. Here service provider/source seller/producer of digital product will be referred as “Aavishi” or “www.gstbillings.com” & you will be referred as “You” or “Reseller” or “Dealer”. Customers of Reseller shall be referred as “Users” or “Clients” or “Customers”.

This agreement will be applicable to you only if Aavishi accepts you as Reseller .

Here are following other Terms and Conditions that must be met & should be agreed upon while entering into agreement:

1. Appointment of Reseller

Authorization and Appointment: After verifying all your details “www.gstbillings.com” may or may not authorize and appoints you as Reseller, and if we appoint you as Reseller then you hereby confirms & accepts such authorization and appointment as www.gstbillings.com’s reseller, to resale the www.gstbillings.com’s digital product (billing software) within territory located anywhere in India.

2. Orders

2.1. Purchase Orders: www.gstbillings.com’s complete sale process will be online therefore each purchase order shall be identified with an ID and each ID shall be activated once we receive payment in our account & request of activation from Reseller.

2.2. Reseller shall ensure that his customers fill all the details accurately. Customer Detail shall include: Name of company, country, address, city, state, pin-code, E-Mail, Website, PAN Number, GST Number, Phone Number, Currency etc. And if he helps users to import HSN Categories from Segment Wise Category Page then he shall ensure & verify the accuracy of each HSN Code for Each Category as well as Tax Slab mentioned therein. Meanwhile you will also convey to your customers: “Tax Slabs mentioned under each HSN Category are changeable and depend upon revision of Govt Policies therefore Aavishi does not guarantee the accuracy of said categories and if any revision is done by Govt. in future then Customer need to edit those categories by himself”.

3. Changes to Products

Aavishi reserves the right to Discontinue or modify the product, modify product specifications or replace the product with similar or third party product, except that Aavishi may not discontinue, modify or replace product that is subject to an accepted and outstanding Purchase Order, unless required by law or it is for betterment of end user and adds more quality than previous product.

4. Resale Price

Reseller may determine its own retail price, however price set by Reseller should not be more than maximum price displayed on www.gstbillings.com.

5. Most Favored Customer

Aavishi reserves the right to declare any customer as “Most Favored Customer” and in that case it can award it's product free of cost or sell it at a price lower than it was sold to Reseller.

6. Reseller should accept all other general Terms and Conditions.

7. Payment

Aavishi shall invoice Reseller simultaneously during each activation of GST Billing Software.

Reseller would require to purchase recharge package of 5 or 10 or 18 Product Activations by paying for the same.

Reseller will get software activation keys only after getting complete payment in advance.

8. Limited Warranties

Nothing in this agreement will function to transfer any of Aavishi’s Intellectual Property rights to Reseller.

9. Appointment of other Resellers

Aavishi also reserves the right to appoint new resellers of any area or locality. Aavishi can also select multiple Resellers from the same area.

10. Termination

Aavishi reserves the right terminate agreement any time without assigning any reason.

We may also terminate or suspend your access immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms & Conditions.

Upon termination, your right to use the Service will immediately cease.