Subscription Cancellation & Refund Policy

Payment for Services

The Services are licensed on a monthly or yearly subscription basis to the User that pays for the Service. As the Administrator, you may choose whether you or another User pays for the license. You must review all the details before the subscription that you purchase; some subscriptions provide access to one Service and others provide access to more than one Service.

Subscription Cancellation & Refund Policy

The Administrator may notify us if he or she wants to cancel the subscription prior to the beginning of the new subscription period. In the event that Aavishi is unable to charge a User’s chosen payment method in accordance with this Agreement, we may terminate this Agreement and access to the Services immediately, without notice. If you stop using the Services, Aavishi has fulfilled your subscription term.

Fees for the Services are not eligible for any proration of unused subscriptions or refunds, even if access to the Services is cancelled or terminated. After your access to the Services is terminated, you may no longer have access to any of the data or Content in the Services. We suggest you retain your own copies of any data or Content that you may need as Aavishi is not responsible for providing you with access to your Content or the Services after any cancellation or termination of this Agreement.

Upon cancellation you will be able to access the Service only through the end of the subscription term, as specified in the product or product program pages. After the subscription term ends, you will not have any access to the Service. There are no refunds upon cancellation. Please follow product instructions to cancel your account.